Aligning technology with learning

Technology has to be aligned and integrated with the behavior you want out of the learners – this includes the processes that helps drive those behaviours.  Effective use of technology supports learning and provides different avenues for  students to quickly diagnose and understand what they should be thinking about.

As educators, we want engagement and high levels of student activity.  But we must also remember that there is also the requirement for learning that involves context, detail and  depth.

For an real learning to take place those involved need to have a common understanding of the mission, and practical understanding of the consequences of non engagement and the benefits of success.

Effective consolidation of technology and pedagogy relies on eliminating wasteful practices, or simply eliminating meaningless, less productive (or counter-productive) functions.

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One Response to Aligning technology with learning

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Annie,
    This post is very must what you have mentioned in a lot of our tutorials.
    One question I have is how would you manage technology in the classroom, specifically iPads?
    Thanks looking forward to your reply.

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